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Home Networking

Many thanks to those involved in the invention of networking. Now we can watch movies stored on our home computer 4,000 miles away on your laptop or wirelessly print pictures off your mobile phone.

Everything is becoming network capable via cables, WiFi or Bluetooth, from your home phone to house lights. These new advancements in frequently used devices are an amazing convenience. There is nothing like turning your house lights on and off from an airplane, but they can also cause a lot of headaches.

Monnix Systems is diversely experienced in all modern networking technologies and devices with a professional technician waiting to bring into this new era of security and convenience. Whether you are looking to setup the home computer with a scanner and VoIP phone service or operate a world wide home media server, we are eager to gain your excitement and trust in networking your life.

Monnix Systems has experience with the following technologies and is always aware and informed of all the latest advancements as this booming industry continues to expand. Give us a call to see how we can network your life.

Bluetooth (Mobile Phones to MP3 Players)
Home Computer Equipment
(Scanners, Digital Cameras, VoIP Telephones, Printers, Fax, etc.)
Home Media Servers and DVRs
X-10 Home Control
Home Automation Systems
Dedicated Hardware Firewalls
Wireless Internet Access and Security
Multi-Platform Wireless Networking (Mac, Linux, Windows)
And Much More!!