Monnix Systems Individual Services - Solutions to optimize your life.

Services for the Personal User

At Monnix Systems we believe in using technology to make life more enjoyable, not a hassle.

We are here to create personalized home entertainment systems, home networking and office solutions as well as offer universal technology technical support for personal computer user.

We have over a decade of international technology service experience and are continuously aware of new technological advancements. Browse the information about our services for the individual computer user or contact us if you have a specific goal in mind.

Home Office

Monnix Systems offers services to setup and troubleshoot your ideal home office for optimum prouctivity and efficiency.

See how we can simplify your life.

Personal Computing

Monnix Systems has on-call professional technicians that offer a myriad of services for the personal computer user. From application training and troubleshooting to hardware maintenace, you can count on a honest and friendly technician to help.

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Home Networking

Monnix Systems offers comprehensive home networking packages and services that will connect your life in a simple and easy to maintain interface.

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Project Consulting

Monnix Systems offers assistance services for project planning and conceptualizing, without being obtrusive. We can help you with as many stages of your project as needed, or we can manage the project for you so you can get back to what matters.

See how we can help carry the load.