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Personal Computing

Every computer user knows of the myriad of things that can go wrong with computers.
What many don't know is who to trust to get their computer back up and running.

Just like cars, when a computer fails, most of us don't know what is breaking or how to fix it. When an unforseen problem does arise, who do you take it? A mechanic that has a good reputation for honesty and reliability.

Monnix Systems has over 10 years of experience with personal computing woes and only the most professional technicians. We promise an accurate and honest service until the customer is fully satisfied.

Monnix Systems offers One on One tutoring solutions for a myriad of common, and not so common, applications. These solutions will help teach you whatever you would like to know, from basics in internet to developing database applications. Don't be afraid to learn something new, we will make it easy and enjoyable.

Monnix Systems can help with the following common computing problems and more. Give us a call to see how we can troubleshoot for you.

Internet Infections (Viruses, Ad-Ware, Spyware, etc.)
Data Backup Solutions
Hardware Failure
Windows OS Troubleshooting, Configuring and Tutoring
Internet Connection Troubleshooting
Microsoft Office Troubleshooting and Tutoring
Slow Running Systems
And Much More!!