Monnix Systems Technology Solutions - Solutions to optimize your business and life.

About Monnix Systems

     Monnix Systems is a small business working with small businesses and individuals in developing a protective and supportive infrastructure. The infrastructure of a modern business is its life line to growing and expanding to new markets. Our specialists are devoted to the development of a solid shell supporting your businesses roots. We believe as long as the roots are safe, the business can grow.

     Our goal is to provide ethical and positive business relationships with our clients, continuously looking for the best solutions. All projects and service contracts come with full technical support as well as online and verbal status updates. We take pride in our security and the steps to safety we take to protect our clients and their assets.

     We are physically located in Northwest Montana, but by using modern technologies and remote connections Monnix Systems can be available anywhere at any time. We have served a diverse portfolio of clients from all over the United States, as well as Internationally, for the past 12 years and we look forward to adding you as one of our loyal customers.