Monnix Systems Business Services - Solutions to optimize your business processes.

Services for Businesses

Monnix Systems provides unlimited IT services to small businesses. Our goal is to assist small business owners with technology integration to optimize their businesses in a non-obtrusive yet robust and easy-to-use manner.

Our managed IT solutions provide your business with universal on- call technical support as well as consultation on advanced services that will optimize your business processes. Our unmanaged IT solutions will provide your business with any IT service, upgrade, or consultation from a professional and friendly technician.

From new workstations to enterprise networks and inter/intra-net systems, we will ensure that technology is a progressive tool for you. Monnix Systems offers a full range of packages depending on your business’s needs, all of which come with universal on-call technical support.

Application & Website Development

Monnix Systems specialize in professional website development and database management application (shopping carts to complete information and production control systems) development.

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IT Consulting

Monnix Systems offers consultation services to see how technology could be used to enhance all sectors of your business. These services will give you a complete summary of areas that technology could be utilized within the business.

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Marketing Media

Monnix Systems offers services to design and print all matter of marketing media and professional forms. Our professional, yet unique, designs can give your business a refreshing look in advertising, correspondence mediums and client interaction mediums.

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